So I didn't get blogging...

The title says it all... Despite how important I know blogging about my work is. I just haven't dedicated to sitting down and working on it! but no time like the present right?

Things have been pretty busy for Keiba Film so far this year. We adapted our business plan to be a LONG TERM business plan, this means, I plan on doing this for hopefully the rest of my working career. Scary! And exciting! 

So, how is the business different? Well, I want to work with our clients to build their businesses visual brand and then continue to produce new content for them. After 3 years in business I have seen that people understand how important good visuals on websites and social media are, but just don't have time to think about it or the skills and knowledge to create the content. Thats where our 12 month visual marketing package comes in! 

The visual marketing package is a visual plan and this is how it works...

1) We meet and talk about your visual needs.

2) You give me a budget/ or I suggest a budget and I work up a visual proposal that is within this budget. 

3) You say "Hey Keiba this is just what I need, lets do it!" Or we adapt the proposal based on your extra input. You know the business, I know visuals so we have to work together here!

4) Its all agreed and I present a shooting schedule for the whole 12 months with shoot dates and delivery dates. So you know what you are getting and when! 

5) We follow the plan! And you pay the secured budget quarterly to spread the cost! Nice right? 

The main reasons this is good? You know how much your visuals are for the whole year, you know you always have new high quality content coming so its suddenly less stressful, you can be sure that all content runs together and is completely on brand to get the best results, the package is tailor made so you know its suited to your individual business! You just don't have to think about it anymore and so sit back and enjoy the glory of a thriving online presence. Ow and you can use the visuals for printing flyers or posters or whatever takes your fancy too!

For all you people who just need a one off job though or would rather just book Keiba Film on a project basis, we still have you covered! So bring it on!!! We still want to work with you and help you with any videography and photography you need :-)

Well, I hope that wasn't to painful a read. More later, promise!